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At North Medafix Pharmacy, our aim is to create a neutral, fair and inclusive environment for everyone to have access to their medication – including the patients from LGBTQ+ community; patients with HIV, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases; or with any condition that patients would like to keep private. You don’t even have to visit the store always, just connect with us once and we’ll deliver the medication at your doorsteps, when you need it. Everyone is welcome at North Medafix!

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Our pharmacists are subject-matter-experts in prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) and natural health products. They’ve been trained and carry years of experience on symptoms, diseases and treatments which require doctor’s attention.

Pharmacists can now do more to help achieve your health goals. They can help with your reviewing your medication, providing flu shots, custom packaging and even prescription for minor ailments – for which you had to visit the doctor before. They are a reliable partner to keep your health in check.

At North Medafix, pharmacists are accessible every day of the week and they’ll take time to listen to your questions and will provide you the right advice. Feel free to visit us and see the pharmacist if you have any concerns about your health or medication. Booking appointment in advance will help us serve you better.

Why Us?

North Medafix is a highly modernized and integrated medical services provider and our team is passionate to support patients’ health journey through prevention, treatment and recovery phases. You can visit us for:
  • Family and Walk-in Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Physio & Rehab